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Деловой английский язык. (Бакалавриат). Учебник

код 504726
Год издания: 2019 г.
ISBN: 978-5-406-06597-6
Издательство: КноРус
Страниц: 274
Внешний вид: Переплет
Вид издания: Учебник
Оптовая цена: 769 руб.
Цена в ЭБС: 1800 руб.
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The textbook contains different types of tasks  for reading, speaking and translation, as well as vocabulary, terminology and grammar exercises. The rapidly developing sphere of financial services dictates the necessity to know and to use financial terminology in order to communicate with foreign partners. The tasks may help develop different types of competencies, which include language, and compensatory competencies. The tasks enlarge the stock of lexical items used by students in their speech and develop critical thinking skills. The suggested pattern of  focusing on speech exercises, which starts with   merely learning particular terms and then encourages students to use these terms in oral and written speech, develops communicative competency, which, in its turn, is  vitally important for communication in different fields of professional and business situations. The book is aimed at students of Economics who study Business English. The textbook should also be of great interest to any specialists or professionals who want to improve their language skills.
Деловой английский язык. (Бакалавриат). Учебник / Климова И.И. , Широких А.Ю., Васьбиева Д.Г. - Москва: КноРус, 2019. - 274 с.

Английский язык

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